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Poster: He Live's Date: Apr 13, 2008 6:13pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: BACK TO THE SHRINE

i am interested in pursuing that. but i am not sure what you are meaning....

can you give me a song that you think exemplifies this? sounds like an interesting area for discussion but most of my previous 76 listening has been the june and july shows....

so let;s start there i guess -- what is interesting about this period?

well the primary has to be the return of MH, which really changes the approach of the group. i dont know how many of us really appreciate what it is like to play music at this level -- i certainly only have an inkling from my limited experience playing in college bands and "garage" bands with few paying gigs under my belt -- but i know this for sure -- you can be a GENIUS in your living room practicing, but once you get other individuals involved in your noise -- EVERYTHING CHANGES. you are now relying on "each other" -- the music that seemed to flow so gracefully from your axe in the quietude of practice may now sound like a lumbering off-kilter martian SOS.

so i think mickey's return forces their hand -- and dictates what they need to go for -- the last time mickey was in the group they were still a psychedelic group in transition, playing more in the Workingman's Dead style -- Good Lovin and Lovelight are the big jam numbers -- and then they changed radically over 71-74 -- all that stuff we've said before about the "agile jazz/rock/folk" outfit.

so initially, what i hear from the return in 76 is a group that is paying A LOT of ATTENTION to the arrangements -- IMPORTANTLY, everyone sort of feeling things out and seeing what they can play where and when, and MORE IMPORTANTLY still, how NOT to step on each other's toes. with that many people on stage, it would be very easy to make mud, but making the Sand Castle requires everyone to be on the same page -- with little room for chance taking.

i hear an extension of this throughout 77 as they get more comfortable playing in this new Colossal Chess Piece set-up, where each move must amplified and supported by the whole in order to translate an idea, or allow an idea to be translated, to the audience.....

but what in particular are you getting from late 76?